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64,000,000 WordPress website developers can't be wrong! By far the most popular website development platform in the world. Managed WordPress offers infinite possibilities in design and SEO. Website Builders have built-in SEO which is great for local and regional businesses but not for national or global businesses. Larger businesses have a much more difficult task with SEO, so they require the flexibility WordPress has in addition to millions of design possibilities. Learn More....

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  1. A Presence On The Web - A website is priceless because the cost is negligible compared to any other form of marketing. A website provides an online place to go when promoting a business on any one of an endless list of "free" marketing opportunities, such as Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Google, and more.
  2. Google My Business - Google couldn't have made it any easier for local businesses to get found. Connect a Website to Google My Business, and they display your business address, phone number, hours, website, map, reviews, and you're in control. The Best Part Is, Google My Business Is Genuinely FREE!
  3. Great Reviews - So you have a nice website, a Google My Business account, but this is the key step that brings it all together. Google reviews are where your happiest customers share their personal experiences with the public. Reviews are absolute gold because buyers read reviews. The easiest way to fast track to the top of the SERP (search engine results page) is excellent reviews because Google rewards great reviews!

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