Easiest Way To Get Top Listed On

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The easiest way to get top listed on Google for locally owned businesses is to register that business with Google and get Five Star Reviews! Google My Business has made it so easy and simple to get listed for local businesses.

If you own a local business, all you need to do is build your website and go on Google My Business, and register. They mail out a verification code within 5 business days to the business address and you input the code and you’re listed.

Get Registered with Google

Once listed on Google the appearance and quality of a local business's website are not what gets it ranked in top position. Without question, the most important thing to Google is the “Reviews” for locally owned and operated businesses'. Google no longer has to put much emphasis on locally owned and operated businesses' websites because the reviews do it for them.

This proves Google cares more about the user finding what they want and not necessarily the quality of your website. Please don’t misunderstand, the quality of your website matters to the users. The person searching is subliminally absorbing everything, so the quality of the website still matters and is very important.

The point is to get registered with Google first and make improvements to your Website as you go along. I am saying this because far too many business owners think a website needs to be spectacular and it will be expensive. Without a presence on the internet, the customer can't find you.

There is no reason in the world for a local business to not have a website because the cost is so negligible. A basic website builder gets the job done for under $100 a year.

Large Geographical Region Websites Require SEO Control To Get Found Online

The single biggest reason why WordPress is the number one choice of web designers worldwide is no size limitations. Unlimited pages and posts and unlimited content per page.

The reason is if you have a 5-page website builder the odds of getting found globally are slim to none. Google rewards multiple factors but none more important than the quality of content. The competition for a top spot on Google is fierce on a global scale. So if you have a quality page that gets a high ranking from Google you’re going to earn it the old fashion way.

Hard work, no joking around, if you’re not willing to do the work necessary you probably don’t want to start.

Here’s the reason why it’s hard work, you need a ton of content for Google to rank any page. Google requires a bare minimum of 300 words for any page to get a high ranking. That information has to be relevant to the topic and not repetitive. Believe this, Google bots can read and comprehend just like a human and that’s exactly what they’ll do. These bots will index all your pages and if the bots think your content isn’t relevant that page will not get ranked.

Products Get Ranked Quickly

Oh but what about products and shopping cart websites, how do they get ranked? Once again the bots can comprehend what it’s seeing and knows when its products for sale. That’s why when you search a product you get very precise results because Google has that in a file to present in less than a hundredth of a second.

Now have you ever noticed a product that’s no longer available but you get results of places that have it just to find out they don’t. This happens because whoever SEO’ed that page did an exceptional job. Yes, you can SEO a single product page and it’s kinda crazy not to.

The cost of this high-quality website is not money but time. Hosting isn’t free but compared to what time cost, the cost of hosting is negligible.

It Takes An Investment of Time To Get Ranked on Google

The easiest way to get listed on Google for the North American market is anything but easy! The reason is you have to have at least 30 high-quality pages or more, then it takes 8 to 12 months to find out what pages rank. Don't panic if a page doesn't rank because that page just might need some tweaking. Don't waste your time producing hundreds of pages that will never rank. It's imperative that the pages are built within the guidelines of the Yoast SEO tool and some of your website pages will get a very high ranking.

Everything depends on the category because some of the category keywords are very low search volume. So research the category ahead of time and try to find unique titles based on SERP results.

Research SERP Results

SERP (search engine results page) is the results volume Google shows you at the top of every search page. The less quality content on those pages the better the opportunity for you. It doesn’t matter how small the results are, only the quality of the results. You definitely do not want to target the same keywords when the results returned are in the half-billion range or higher. That’s too much competition for the top spots in the SERP results. You would have to have some Amazing Content to crack a category with half-billion or higher.

So you’ve got an Amazing Website and You’re ready for business! You have done all the right things, over 30 high-quality pages fully SEO’ed great images. So what’s the last step?

Patience, wait for 8 to 12 months for web pages to get ranked. So the last step is to have patience and go right ahead and build the next 30 pages during that 8 to 12 month period. Once those pages are ranked you’re done with them, those pages work for years to come and that’s the payoff!

The easiest way to get top listed on Google is to start sooner than later because it’s a lot of work now that pays off later. A website is a low-cost long term investment!