How Does Blogging Work?

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How Does Blogging Work? This is the typical description of a blog. "Blogs consist of a series of posts made by a website owner. The posts appear in reverse chronological order, with the most recent post at the top of the main page so readers can browse these categories or page back through the blog to read older entries".

Everybody uses and goes to blog websites on a daily basis, most just don't know it's a blog. Blogging originally started out as a way to share personal stories, almost like an online diary. Blogs also are websites of people very passionate about a particular topic. So that's what people have generally considered a blog to be and still do. When writing about their personal experiences on various topics they would invariably focus on something they're very passionate about and develop a following.

The thing that's changed is how WordPress was used by bloggers but is now used by 70% of all major companies and businesses. It turns out WordPress is limitless with whatever your online project is and has created some confusion about what blogging is. Blogging hasn't changed so much as the type of blogs has increased. Far too many review blogs that lack passion, but are designed to make Amazon commissions. Most people connect to a blog because it's about actual experiences, which is more exciting for the reader. There simply is no substitute for enthusiasm and passion.

Passion Is a Magnet

Passion is like a magnet because people naturally want information above all else. When someone is passionate about something that's the go-to person for information on that subject.

That's how it all started and what we have known a blog to be. Very quickly some web developers figured out how to use these blogs in a different way.

Searching The Internet Became Dangerous


The way they started using blogs was as marketing vehicles. I'm sure you've seen these web pages where they are very weak on content and loaded with ads and ads that will put viruses on your computer.

With my background including 25 years of experience as a computer repair tech, I made a living off these bad websites. I've reloaded thousands of operating systems because of these viruses. The problem was how easily websites tricked the search engines into believing they were legitimate websites when in fact they were plain evil. Totally innocent people were being preyed upon.

Google Takes Action

Google has declared war on predatory websites and has rocketed them to the dust bin of the internet. They have really done what was necessary to combat these evil websites, they have created a bot that can read and comprehend text.

Google's bots are as intelligent as any robot, they're just a virtual robot. they're probably the ones that are the greatest threat to humanity because we can't see them. In all seriousness, Google's content requirements have changed so dramatically that people are now getting the information they want. The end result was more and more people are using the internet every day, and internet use will continue to grow because it's safer now. Using the internet on a computer is now more fun informative and much safer for the users.

Many People Have Gotten "Rich" Blogging!

This is what I was eluding to earlier in the article when I started the evolution of blogging and how different it is in 2020. While Google and others were battling the predatory websites the real bloggers were getting rich! What happened was the people that wrote what they were passionate about and Google rewarded them with top ranking and they got rich. They were so passionate they couldn't stop writing about it. It was never about getting wealthy they were just having fun. Well in 2020 it's about getting wealthy doing it the right way and that's with an exceptional knowledge base of the topic and Google will reward you.

These bloggers created a massive audience and at some point realized they could monetize their blogs. Because their audience was so big already they started getting checks which motivated them to write more and more.

A Billion-Dollar Idea Was Born

If you found a Gold Mine and no one on earth knew about it would you tell anybody? That's blogging in 2020! I don't believe anybody knows what I'm about to tell you except the person who did it. The reason I figured it out was that I can identify a blog website.

So I needed ball joints in my car so I googled the cost? I click on what I believe is the most informative article and land on a page with no ads but great information. the next thing I know they give me a price and I'm setting an appointment. They show me a picture of a five-star mechanic that is coming to me to do the work.

Well, this was an affiliate blog site started by someone very passionate about fixing cars. I'm certain that the owner was making really good money from this blog because it's massive. I'm sure the affiliate ads did just fine but the information is so endless this site comes up number one. I mean number one for all repairs, not just a specific model.

You ask a question and this website has the answer and a mechanic at an honest price. I have no affiliation with this company other than they fixed my car several times. The owner has a billion-dollar business, no doubt in my mind. We are talking about the Uber of auto repair.

If you're reading this and read this far into it I'm sure you are curious what blog website I'm talking about? I just want to stress I have no affiliation, just a fascination with because it started and is a blog website.

I'm Passionate About Blogging

Blogging is addictive, if your passionate about something and you do a website, once you start you can't stop. That's the difference between somebody you could pay to write for a website versus the passion. Although I get paid I am writing about something that I'm passionate about, I love blogging!

When your passionate about something like blogging you become willing to learn things I wouldn't otherwise. I've mastered WordPress because I had to be able to blog. Blogging is addictive for one reason and it's because you know you're helping somebody with what you're passionate about. It's a great feeling to know you are helping somebody you'll never know.

A Blog Is Now Evolved Into "When Passion Meets Business"

When passion meets business something magical happens. As turns out people respond to the ads on the blogs they love because they want to support that blog. It's just like dealing with somebody that likes you and supports your business. Well, that translates to blog websites.

So this why WordPress became the go-to website builder in the world, because of blogging. It's open-source software but it still requires hosting and a domain name. Hosting and domains are nominal in cost and that's all that's needed to start blogging. Go figure but the good blog websites didn't spend any real money just blood sweat and tears.

If somebody told me they wanted to start a blog and I was certain they are passionate about their topic this is the recommendation I would make. I highly recommend if you can afford to buy hosting for multiple websites, not just one. The primary reason why is you never have to deal with paying more money for hosting individual websites. Packages for multiple websites are cheaper than buying individually.

Blogging is a hundred times easier to be successful compared to a YouTube channel. Blogging doesn't have the prejudices involved like you YouTube. On YouTube, if they don't like your looks they won't watch, not so with a blog because they have no idea what you look like.

You're on a level playing field in blogging and it doesn't require the work that a successful YouTube channel requires. The reality is if your information is as good a quality as a YouTube video, your blog will out-earn that YouTube video. The reason why is Youtube is getting ad revenue versus a website you get the ad revenue.

Making Money Takes Time and Skill

If you're thinking about the money I would forget the whole idea, the money is made organically. If your pumping out the information on the web and using the Yoast SEO tool to get the Green Lights the rest will take care of itself. Sign up for an Amazon Affiliate Account and put just Amazon ads up ad they'll make money for years and years. We all waste time but if you waste this time on blogging in 24 months you'll be making money. It then keeps going from there. If you don't have the passion you'll quit but if you do have the passion you can get rich because Google is driving your audience for FREE! The following is what it takes to do it and get good results.

Buy a domain name and a platform to build a website on (WordPress) and you can blog!

Write 50 or more articles and put them up on your website, I recommend writing right on the web page. The reason why is when you write in MS Word and you paste it over you start making changes on the web page. The Word document isn't even recognizable and becomes worthless.

More importantly, the Yoast SEO Tool plugin will guide you on how to write and present your web pages for Maximum SEO. This tool helps make anybody a better writer and have a better understanding of what a good website requires.

Although you may be an expert writing articles for your passion the most important thing to learn is SEO (search engine optimization). It sounds intimidating but anyone that can learn can do it. Watch Income Schools YouTube channel and Jim Harmer and Ricky Kessler will teach you all the secrets to good SEO. There goes my audience! Disclaimer they have no idea who I am or that they influence me I like to reward people who have helped me.

These guys are amazing, you watch these guys videos and I will have saved you a lot of money and time! I'm telling you they giveaway the secrets of the industry totally free!

So please purchase your Website Builder and Hosting needs here at Get More Hosting. We feature honest pricing and all the top-level domains available in the market. WordPress is the way to go but be patient it's more than worth it.

How Does Blogging Work? Passion!