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RTG Media Graphics fulfills the Purchase of This Custom Website Lease Agreement 

Design My Website for Me is fulfilled by an independent Lease agreement with RTG Media Graphics exclusively.

All payments and agreements are through RTG Media Graphics and are not associated with "Get More Hosting."

No setup or design costs. You pay $40 a month for an open-ended lease. This open-ended lease can end at any time after 12 months of purchase of the lease if you choose.

If you are not satisfied with the website we deliver; you can cancel immediately with a $200 Design Cost Fee deducted from the original 12-month purchase price. You have up to 15 Days To Cancel after the website is deemed completed by the designer. The first 12 months must be paid in full through PayPal at the RTG Media Graphics Portal.

RTG Media Graphics Is Banking On Your Success!

If you have questions, you can wait until we contact you before purchasing.

The Value of The WordPress Websites We Build and Host Exceeds $3000 In Design, Domain, and Hosting costs.

RTG MEDIA GRAPHICS has a vested interest in your success. It takes RTG  Media Graphics about 3 to 4 years to recuperate the actual value of this lease package. So you know we will always do our best to see to it you succeed!

The sole purpose of leasing a website versus owning it is it's only $40 a month versus thousands of dollars in design, setup, domain, and hosting, as well as SEO costs.

Leasing is superior because it alleviates the costs upfront when a new business can least afford to spend thousands of dollars.