2 Biggest Website Mistakes

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The 2 biggest website mistakes are the lack of a plan with a clear objective in mind. The second mistake is "not being the registered owner" of a website's "Domain" and "hosting' because whoever was hired to develop it has the credentials. Whoever has the credentials for domain ownership is the owner of that website. The domain can be directed to any website hosting platform.

The registered owner of a website is an email address, in the digital world it’s the equivalent to a driver’s license for ID in the real world. Making absolutely sure you're the owner of your business's website is critical. The only exception is a fully transparent lease agreement to save money on the front end. Many startup businesses can't afford a $3000 website in the beginning, so they lease one for $40 a month. This type of plan doesn't have any setup or maintenance costs

Take Ownership From The Beginning

I just recently encountered a friend of mine who can not get into his own website to make any changes. He has no way to even find out who the registered owner is because multiple people from the previous owner have had control over the email account. The website is an online sign printing company so when someone places an order he’s not receiving the order, it’s a complete disaster.

So the very first thing you want to do is create a very specific email account before ordering any Domain or Hosting. Use this email for ordering Domain Name and related products. If you hire anybody to help build your website do yourself a favor and assign people to your account. Don’t just outright give them your credentials. Never share your email account with anybody and they can’t steal your website.

Most people trust their website developers to handle everything for them. Then something goes wrong, maybe a disagreement or they move and you lose contact with them.  The next thing you know because you don't have the website credentials you can't access your own website. Because they are the registered owner of the email and domain, the email provider and hosting provider are not going to talk to anybody else, full stop.

Know Your Website’s Objective

Most business owners want their website to be all things to all people? why not you have all these pages to work with so let’s fill them up with as much as we can. It must be a stunning website as well! You have to capture their attention with amazing graphics or you will lose them. Does this scattershot approach lack an objective?

It's important to plan in advance what you want from your website. Do you want the phone to ring and take it from there, or products to sell online? Maybe your website is more about reputation and branding for a business that's already successfully operating. Each of these objectives requires using different approaches.

Local Businesses Websites Have An Advantage

Local businesses are the easiest and most affordable websites to build and promote. Getting a local business listed in the "Near Me Search Results" on Google is a breeze, so long as the business has a physical address. Register the business on Google My Business and verify the address and you're listed on Google. It really is that easy!

A local business can use a Personal Website Builder for under $6 a month and a domain for $10 a year. Another benefit is you know they need something when searching locally? So all you have to do is give them all the information they're looking for. Make whatever it is they're looking for the first thing they see on the home page.

Get More Hosting .Com cost is wholesale hosting compared to Wix and many of these do it yourself, website builders. They are expensive relative to buying your own hosting. By the time Wix is done with you, it'll cost as much as three times the amount as a Personal Website Builder.

Buy Your Web Development Tools Wholesale

Building a larger geographical website requires a great deal more planning. Managed WordPress is the choice of most designers in the website industry. Managed WordPress Ultimate includes unlimited pages, Unlimited storage Unlimited visits per month Website backup protection with 1-click restore Automatic daily malware scans SEO optimizer SSL certificates* 1-click testing site Unlimited malware removal and hack repair $550 marketing credit to Google, Yelp & Bing All for $16.99 a month.

Learning WordPress for larger geographical businesses is a really good idea because of the SEO control it offers. SEO is the single most important thing because traffic is the most important thing.

It seems as if there are tens of thousands of WordPress plugins available for whatever your need is. Larger geographical businesses require a great deal of content to get ranked on Google.

Google Requirements

These are some of Google's requirements to get ranked. SSL certificate, relevant content, a minimum of 300 words of quality content on the pages, the more the better. Quality Images are also important, be sure to tag them. The more pages with quality content the better your website will produce.

A lot of business owners have had bad experiences with a website in the past. A lot more business owners have had exceptional results partly because a website is so affordable.

Business websites that are effective are usually a very well guarded secret. Most businesses consider their online success proprietary information.

A well-planned website is invaluable for so many reasons, reputation, custom business email, online presence. A website is a place to be found if the business address changes. Most importantly it's the world's most affordable salesman.

A website is the only form of marketing a business owns and has total control over. No business owns its marketing besides a website, all other forms of marketing are on their platform, not yours.

The two biggest website mistakes are easy to avoid when you know what they are. So be sure to be the registered owner of the email and domain name and know your business objectives. It's much easier to plan costs with a good plan and the expected results of that plan.

Avoid making the two biggest website mistakes and you will have a successful website. Especially so for a local business. Because the cost of a website is so low and the exposure is so great, there's no excuse for not having a website.